Suspected sea snail venom used on racehorses in Oz

Cone snail has some of the deadliest venom in the animal kingdom. Racing is harnessing it to use as a painkiller, it is reported.
The cone snail has some of the deadliest venom in the animal kingdom. Racing is harnessing snail venom to use as a painkiller on horses, it is reported.

It would never have occurred to us we would ever be writing about sea snail venom. But then we never thought we would be writing about frog juice. That’s horse racing! Full of cheaters, dopers and liars.

The Brisbane Times reports:

Caslon Quote Left BlackA deadly venom found in sea snails which can paralyse fish within a second has emerged as the latest chemical suspected to have infiltrated horse racing, with authorities scrambling to organise testing for the powerful painkiller.

Racing NSW and Racing Victoria integrity officials on Monday confirmed they had started screening for the mystery drug, which has subtypes known to be infinitely stronger than morphine.

It can also be extracted to be used for therapeutic purposes on humans in the form of the conotoxin-based Prialt.

Racing stewards have received intelligence that a form of sea snail venom has been imported into Australia and used to manage pain in horses suspected to have raced in both the thoroughbred and harness codes.”

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Who knows what else they will find when they investigate this.

Now you see why we have no confidence in the Horse Racing Integrity Act pending before U.S. Congress. The cheaters will continue to cheat. Outwitting “the man” and not getting caught is all part of the game to them. How do you stop that? You stop horse racing.

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