Calgary Stampede kills third chuckwagon horse

The Calgary Stampede's chuckwagon race kills horse number 3.
The Calgary Stampede’s chuckwagon race kills horse number 3.


How about these thoughts from an insider?

Keith Ward: “I am a former rodeo contestant, and still watch and attend the Stampede. I know the care taken in rodeo to prevent animal injury, and how well the bucking horses and stock are looked after in most cases. I won’t say all cases because the wild card in any of this is how professional the humans are. I have seen some idiots with hotshots poking cattle in the chutes, etc. But my experience is they are the exception, and any cowboy worth his salt will call them out on it.

“However, I find myself in agreement with a call to ban chuckwagon racing, and all horse racing, in fact. Too many young horses that are not fully developed yet, too many injuries or deaths. Too many discarded racehorses that won’t find a quality life after racing. Some do, but most don’t. After watching the wreck last night, Harden should be banned from the sport completely. My two cents.”

Source (Canada Yahoo News) »

The man who caused the crash, Chuck Harden, that killed one and injured three other horses, has been banned from the Stampede (The Globe and Mail) »

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