Take Action for Racehorses — Oppose H.R. 1754

Dead racehorse. Source: Pinterest.
Dead racehorse. Source: Pinterest.

Dr. Sheila Lyons, DVM, the founder and director of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, writing about H.R. 1754 (The Horse Racing Integrity Act), warns of the following. It mirrors our thinking and also the reason we object to this bill and are lobbying so strongly against it.

“This proposed legislation ultimately leaves the details of drug regulation in the control of members of the horseracing industry despite the reality that following decades of promises to regulate drugs effectively, it has failed to do so.”

This is yet another in a long line of disingenuous acts conducted by members of the horse racing industry to give only the appearance of rectifying its insidious drug culture while all along its goal is to continue business as usual — keeping the fox in charge of the henhouse.

We have already seen what keeping the fox in charge of the henhouse has done to the racehorse. We see it virtually every day. Cheating and doping = racehorses injured, suffering, breaking down and dying. This is horse racing’s “business as usual”.

Take Action

Please. Give American racehorses your voice! OPPOSE H.R. 1754. Here’s how.

1. First find out who represents you in the U.S. House of Representatives at House.gov. Use the red look up box upper righthand corner. You may need your zip+4 code. Leave the page open. You are going to contact them there in a minute.

Already know your Representative? Great! Next step.

2. Find out if your Representative has cosponsored H.R.1754.

3. If your Representative has not cosponsored H.R.1754, contact them and tell them you are strongly opposed to H.R.1754.

Ask that they refuse to cosponsor H.R. 1754 and vote against it should it make it to the House floor for a vote.

If they have already cosponsored H.R.1754, tell them this bill has only just come to your attention, that you are strongly opposed to it, stating the reasons why (including ours for good measure) and request that they with their cosponsorship of the bill (yes, legislators do this) and refuse to vote for it.

In the meantime, horse racing plans to blanket the Hill with lobbyists this coming Fall in support of this bill.

However, there is nothing so powerful as your voice. Please use it to help protect racehorses. Remember, this is not just about the Thoroughbred racehorse, but Quarter Horse and Standardbred racehorses too.

Thank you for taking action for them. It is literally a matter of life and death for thousands.


We have all of the above and even more on our website at horsefund.org.

There are online plus phone call instructions, tips and an excellent detailed list of talking points regarding H.R. 1754.

You will also find talking points on our Stakeholders Page at POPVOX »

Please share far and wide.

Help us keep “boots on the ground” in Washington DC lobbying in opposition to this bill. It is critical we keep a strong presence on The Hill in defense of our horses. There is so very much at stake. A donation, any amount, with be enormously helpful. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Take Action for Racehorses — Oppose H.R. 1754”

  1. One would’ve thought that drug regulation would’ve come under the control of an independent organisation thus removing it from the failed self regulated horseracing industry. In disbelief and bitterly disappointed that the drugging of the horses can continue on as usual. Disastrous.

    Where’s the “Integrity”?

    Where’s the protection for the horse?

    Dr Sheila Lyons is to be lauded for speaking up about this.


  2. This is awful. The Reps cosponsoring are GOOD ppl misinformed like DeFazio, Ted Deutch and even Buchannon, one of the authors of SAFE!!! What are we to do?


    1. Someone from the horse racing industry is lobbying hard to get this enacted so they can continue doping. This is why we have do the same and lobby hard against it. Please be sure to contact your Representative especially if they have cosponsored and ask them to remove their sponsorship. This is the way the process works.

      In the meantime, there are also some truly well meaning people who think this bill will help clean it up but it won’t, it can’t. You can tell they haven’t actually read the bill but relying what they are being told it says instead. They are trusting the wrong people; the very wicked of horse racing.

      Updated 9:14pm.

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