Impossible Whopper. Washington Post image.

What’s your beef? Impossible!

Craziness abounds at our house and at work and at The Fund. How busy we all are, everywhere, even when we get home.

In the middle of all this craziness, I have the most unexpected news. No. Not that. It’s about my husband. A lifestyle change. No, nothing like that either, ha ha ha. It’s pretty darn shocking though and out of the blue. He has decided he wants to go vegan. WHAT?

Who do we have to thank for that? Not me his wife and my super cool demonstration of how great it is. Not his delightful daughter with the puppy dog eyes, fluttering her eyelashes and pleading, Daddy, Daddy please, please . . . try it just for one day. Please Daddy. Nope. Neither one.

We have Burger King and the impossible burger to thank for it. Yes, indeedy. For real. The truth.

My husband eats a whole lotta burgers, a whole lot. Two at a time too. And no way in heck was he ever going to eat a veggie burger. No way Jose.

Well, he and his buddies stopped off at Burger King and for some reason or other, noticed a promotion for the Impossible Whopper that was doing a tour bus thing. He told me that he thought, “What the hell, why not check it out? It’s not like one of those regular veggie burgers because it’s made to taste like real hamburger. Then I can tell Patsy I tried it and that I’m never going to change to a vegan diet.”

Makes me sound like a nag, huh, but really, I don’t say anything. Truly. Nada.

Of course, I’m not going to try it. My daughter isn’t either. But we sure are glad Burger King have the Impossible Whopper. Woo hooo!  What’s even crazier is he likes it better than the “real” Whopper. I’m saying absolutely nothing about that either.

Of course I’d have heard nothing about it because I don’t think about faux meat or faux any kind of food, so don’t watch for stuff like that. Found a link to an article about it below though.

So. How about y’all? Who’s had an Impossible Whopper, or an Impossible Burger? How did you like it? Or, if you’re vegan and haven’t tried any faux meat, do you think you ever will? What would make you want to try it? Just curious.

Isn’t that about my husband just the coolest though?

Hope you’ve been having a super weekend. Hugs, Patsy.

P.S. Raw Vegan. My daughter and I just got finished five days eating that way. Will be writing about that real soon. Its pretty amazing and not as hard as you think. And I don’t have to cook! Ha ha ha. 


:: Burger King plans to release plant-based Impossible Whopper nationwide by end of year, USA Today, 29 Apr 2019 »

:: Can a mixed vegan marriage work?, TH, 20 Jun 2019

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3 thoughts on “What’s your beef? Impossible!”

  1. Hey it’s Patsy. Thank you so much Anne. I can’t wait to tell my husband they have Beyond Meat burgers at A&W! He’ll go crazy.

    P.S. Just saw this on VegNews: Impossible Fish. “Impossible Foods sets its sights on saving the ocean with forthcoming plant-based fish made with the same key ingredient, heme, found in its popular Impossible Burgers.”

    Look at this statement: “In addition to fish, Impossible Foods is working toward its goal of replacing all food animals with plant-based alternatives by 2035”.

    Can’t wait to tell my husband, bless him.


    1. Beyond meat is also “bringing home the bacon” and fake steak in case your hubby really gets into the fake meat craze.


  2. I have had a Beyond Meat burger at A & W. and a Beyond Meat burger and sausage at Tim Hortons here in Canada and we have bought Beyond Meat burgers at our grocery store. I love them and so does my husband. He is not even a partial vegetarian or a flexitarian. I am a partial vegan and moving more toward it every day. So I am all in favour of the Impossible and Beyond Meats!!

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