Rainhill Equine Facility resident, located in Warren County, Kentucky.

Rainhill Equine Facility benefits from 3 degree guarantee fundraiser

WBKO—ABC, Channel 13, Bowling Green, Kentucky filed the following story:

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) — For the month of July, weather director Chris Allen has been working to predict temps within three degrees, and then Service One Credit Union will donate to a particular charity for each accurate day.

Karen Thurman cares for 48 rescued horses at her nonprofit farm, Rainhill Equine Facility. Rainhill Equine Facility will benefit from July’s fundraising efforts.

“I’m one of the few rescues in the United States that even takes blind horses,” said Karen Thurman, founder of Rainhill Equine Facility.

Thurman has been running the horse sanctuary in Warren County since 2001.

The nonprofit, located on a 185 acre farm, currently cares for 48 horses, all with different stories of what led up to their arrival. Horses from all over the country now find their home there.

Karen Thurman cares for 48 rescued horses at her nonprofit farm, Rainhill Equine Facility. (Photo: Madison Martin)
Karen Thurman cares for 48 rescued horses at her nonprofit farm, Rainhill Equine Facility. (Photo: Madison Martin)

Over 30 years ago, the farm had first housed a riding facility, eventually then taking care of old race horses.

She started getting calls to rescue blind horses. Today, out of the dozens of horses she cares for, 34 of them are completely blind.

“Well, you can’t even tell, can you? They have friends, they have stuff that they do. They know where their food is. They have a regular life; nobody would ever know except for maybe a little run-in with the fence occasionally,” said Thurman.

The money from the 3 Degree Guarantee will be going towards a new barn, whose plans are in the works.

“It’s a hard job. You don’t do this because it’s fun,” said Thurman. “You do this because God has put something in your heart and told you to do it.”

The check will be presented to Thurman on AMKY on WBKO-ABC August 2.

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Make a donation directly to Rainhill on their website or buy them something from their list. See below.

Thurman states:

Our wonderful local feed store has generously set up an account for us so that anyone wanting to donate items can call and purchase things over the phone; they hold the items for us. Anything helps out! Monday through Saturday, call:

Southern States
640 Plum Springs Loop
Bowling Green, Ky, 42101

Here’s a video Ms Thurman posted in 2016 which will give you further insight into the work of this amazing, loving woman.

Let’s make this an extra Feel Good Friday by helping this dedicated lady and the horses who have sanctuary there.

Thank you everyone.




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