Round watermelon with slices. USDA.

Shaved watermelon . . . Yes!

Hello there everybody. Happy Labor Day. How about something totally cool and so, so fresh?

You’ve got to do this before summer is over. I didn’t have any chocolate chips but had some fresh mint. Oooh la la.

Shaved Watermelon with Dark Chocolate Chips

Vegan Watermelon Granitas

Not a melon baller? Ha ha ha ha! How about this? Serves 4.

Vegan Water Melon Granitas. By Jessica in the Kitchen.
Vegan Watermelon Granitas. By Jessica in the Kitchen.

1/2 watermelon, seedless or seeds removed (4 cups cubed watermelon)
Juice of two limes
3 tablespoons agave nectar

Be careful not to make it too sweet. You may want to use a little bit less than 3 tablespoons but in my opinion not more.

Now just blend it, spoon it out into a freezer friendly container, and freeze it like in the Instagram recipe above. Takes about two to three hours to be solid enough.

Then you scrape it out with a fork (that’s how I do it). Put it in a glass container and serve with a spoon. Depending on the depth of the glass, I serve it with ice tea spoons.

My sister-in-law pours a shot of vodka over hers. She’s supposed to be on a fruit “cleanse” at the moment, so not sure how the vodka figures into it. Is vodka fruit based? Shows you what I know, right? Wink!

How to Juice a Lime

I am normally not a klutz in the kitchen but I am messy as heck trying to juice fruits. It runs down my arm. I found this helpful.

Three Ways to Juice a Lime. Wiki Tips.
Three Ways to Juice a Lime. Wiki Tips.

So Healthy

Healthline says this about (vodka free) watermelon:

Watermelon is a surprisingly healthy fruit. It has a high water content and also delivers many other important nutrients, including lycopene and vitamin C. These nutrients mean that watermelon isn’t only a tasty low-calorie treat — it’s also very good for your health.

Do horses eat watermelon?

Most will. Ours do for sure.

In small quantities, a bit of watermelon rind is fine. Your horse can eat the ripe part, too, seeds and all. Some may not like melon, while others will be wild about it.

I just cut one in half, whether a big oblong one, or a round one, and put it on the ground. I find this the best way to keep fingers out of the way especially with kids around. Horses naturally know what to eat and how much. Ours leave most of the rind behind for example.

Lve Ptsy

PS Fingers crossed I don’t have a dozen typos. 

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