Tennessee Walking Horses peers from his stall during search for proof of horse soring. HSUS image.

Take Action for Sored Horses

S.1007 — Prevent All Soring Tactics Act of 2019

Contact both of your U.S. Senators in Washington here and ask them to cosponsor S. 1007, the Senate version of the PAST Act which passed the House 333-96. We have a much tougher job ahead in the Senate.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Sen. Mitch McConnell are geared up to do everything they can to block S.1007 from being successful. Of course they are very highly paid by the horse soring faction itself. No question about that. So what?

Stop Them

The only ones who can stop them are us — yes, us — by getting a large majority of the Senate to cosponsor this bill and commit to voting for it.

We must ALL act on behalf of these tortured, mutilated horses. We are so close to ending their horrific abuse. Your action right now could be the tipping point these horses need to win.

If they have already cosponsored S.1007, contact them anyway. This will keep the issue in front of them and committed. “Vote trading” goes on all the time. We don’t want them to trade our horses’ vote.

TIP: Before you click this link to contact your U.S. Senators, sit down and write from your heart why this bill is important to you. We can give you talking points which are useful, but how you feel and why you want this are always going to be superior to repeating words from a fact sheet or action alert. Include facts of course, but please add to them what is really making you contact your Senators and asking for their support on this bill.

FACT: Constituent letters requesting the support of a bill have been so simple and moving, they have been read out on the House and Senate floors during debate. True.

Thank you so much for giving of yourself for these horses.

Social Media

Please share far and wide across all social media.

Are you on Twitter? We are on Twitter at https://twitter.com/horsefund. Please retweet this message. Let’s make this a trending tweet.

About the PAST Act

The PAST Act would ban the use of painful large stacked shoes and ankle chains and would also eliminate the existing system of self-regulation by the industry and toughen penalties for violators of the Horse Protection Act. It’s supported by the American Quarter Horse Association, Animal Wellness Action, the American Horse Council, American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Equine Practitioners, United States Equestrian Federation, National Sheriff’s Association, and Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association.

View cosponsors at Congress.gov »

3 thoughts on “Take Action for Sored Horses”

  1. No more abuse..u want to ride something..ride on one of ur family members!! Sick and tired of this abuse!!!


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