Brownie Bombs by Chocolate Covered Katie.

Brownie Bombs by Chocolate Covered Katie

Hey there my great friends at Tuesday’s Horse and The Horse Fund.

You are either going to love me or hate me for bringing this chocolate sensation that’s easy to make in a food processor, only 4 ingredients, vegan, keto, no bake, and as Chocolate Covered Katie says, “super impossible to stop eating!”

My daughter is having a sleepover with 4 other girls and they have already made a batch, eaten them and working on the next batch.


1 cup nut butter of choice, or allergy friendly
2/3 cup cocoa powder
4-5 tbsp sweetener of choice, or as desired
1/4 tsp salt
optional 2 tbsp coconut oil

Okay, before you get excited and think I have thrown something exotic at you with the nut butter thing — it’s not some specialist thing. It’s any “butter” made with “nuts”. For example:

“The almond, cashew, macadamia, peanut, pecan, pistachio and walnut are not true nuts in a botanical sense. However, because they are considered nuts in a culinary sense, their crushed spreads are called nut butters.” says Wikipedia (they explain it better).

See! So you should have everything you need in the house or easy to grab. My girls used some almond butter I made first time around, but are making their next batch of delights with peanut butter. From all the squeals I hear they must be finished.


Blend everything together in a food processor—scraping down the sides as needed—until it forms a smooth dough. Roll into balls. If you’ve added melted chocolate or coconut oil, refrigerate just until the dough is firm enough to scoop into balls with a mini cookie scoop.

Don’t you just love me for this?


You’ve gotta get the Chocolate Covered Katie cookbook. Came out in 2015. Has a perfect five star rating on There’s a reason. One of my all-time favorites and go to for chocolate!

Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook. Click to buy at
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Bye for now. Oh, before I go, I am going post some horse treat recipes. There’s a really special reason that I am so in love with for us doing it. Stick with us.

Later, my veganators!

Updated at 5.08 am 9/9

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