Vegan 8 Vanilla Cupcakes by Brandi Doming.

The Vegan 8 Vanilla Cupcakes

My most favourite vegan chef is Richa Hingle, known to the world as Vegan Richa. Hot on her heels is another tremendous vegan chef, Brandi Doming, or The Vegan 8 (the 8 representing that her recipes contain 8 ingredients or less).

I discovered The Vegan 8 on Instagram and fell in love with Doming’s baked goods — me being the obsessed baker that I am. I would rather bake than cook any day. Truly my great love besides family and animals is baking.

Today I want to feature a cupcake recipe that is particularly dear to my heart. It’s a vanilla cupcake recipe made with rice flour and no oil. This is melt in your mouth vegan heaven.

Here’s what it looks like on Instagram. I list the ingredients just below that. There are some ingredients that are not likely to be on your shelf, vegan or not, so I am putting Amazon links to them.

Vegan 8 Vanilla Cupcakes


Buttercream Frosting

» Go here for Directions

(Don’t worry about clicking the link above. This site is totally cool. It’s not one of those that bombards you with pop ups and ads jumping up and down so you can barely scroll or read anything. Hate ’em!)

These are the dreamiest cupcakes ever. They are wonderful for bridal showers, baby showers, christenings and more.

If it helps regarding keeping some non standard ingredients around, I do a monthly order on Amazon for things I don’t find easily in neighborhood grocery stores. I get items that can stay good on the shelf for a decent amount of time.

Shop The Vegan 8 and Vegan Richa Cookbooks

Last but certainly not least is The Vegan 8 Cookbook. You will not try to make one recipe, get frustrated and put it on a shelf to collect dust.


Vegan Richa's Everyday Kitchen cookbook.
Buy It Now! At

Bye for now dear ones. See you again real soon with some harvest inspired recipes. It’s almost that time. Hooray!

Love y’all bunches. Patsy.

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