Golden Gate Fields. Photographer Unknown.

CHRB suspends trainer John Martin after 3 horses test positive

ALBANY — A Southern California trainer has been suspended for one year by Golden Gate Fields stewards after three horses in his care tested positive for a banned drug, the California Horse Racing Board announced Tuesday.

Owner/trainer John Martin of Marina del Rey had half of the suspension stayed as long as he does not commit any other serious medication violations, state racing officials said in a news release.

Martin, who has 1,941 victories in 7,631 starts, according to Equibase, also was fined $20,000.

Three horses Martin ran at Golden Gate Fields in Albany and the Big Fresno Fair tested positive for ergoloid mesylates, state officials said. Ergoloid mesylates are used to treat Alzheimer’s and certain mood disorders in humans, according to the horse racing board. State officials said the drug is thought to be used in racing as an anti-bleeding treatment.

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We looked up ergoloid mysylates. See below. We still don’t what the heck it is. Is it really an anti-bleeder, or simply makes you feel happy, feel no pain type of happy that is. Not that we really need to know. The list of illicit drugs given to racehorses is seemingly bottomless. However, it’s interesting about Albert Hofmann, being the discoverer of LSD. Totally unrelated no doubt, except LSD has been given to racehorses. It was the 70s but you know . . . and, . . . never mind.

“Ergoloid mesylates (USAN), co-dergocrine mesilate (BAN) or dihydroergotoxine mesylate, trade name Hydergine, is a mixture of the methanesulfonate salts of three dihydrogenated ergot alkaloids (dihydroergocristine, dihydroergocornine, and alpha- and beta-dihydroergocryptine).

It was developed by Albert Hofmann (the discoverer of LSD) for Sandoz (now part of Novartis).”

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” —Aristotle.

We only quote from the best. Ta-ra.

6 thoughts on “CHRB suspends trainer John Martin after 3 horses test positive”

  1. Blatant animal cruelty by giving this Alzheimers dope to racehorses and this is what we KNOW about.
    What about the dope we don’t know about?
    This example alone confirms that racehorses are having everything but the kitchen sink shoved into their veins with no remorse whatsoever by the perpetrators of such abuse.
    John Martin vs Bob Baffert.
    John Martin gets 3 positives and the penalties, as he should, but Bob Baffert?
    Well, he has hundreds of racehorses that have been maimed and/or died under his care, custody, and control, multiple doping positives, scandals beyond the realm of normalcy, and of course the recent Justify cover-up.
    Yet, there’s Bob Baffert training, racing, and winning in California with little to no repercussions for things that go far beyond any other trainer in this business.
    Teflon Bob.
    Obvious that he trains for CHRB members.

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    1. Meanwhile, roughly 5.2 million PET dogs were euthanized last year in America and 735,000 people had to go to the emergency room for dog bites. Have you ever been out to a public stable and seen some of the supposed horse rescues out there?, and some of the supposed professionalism that they produce. I have worked at the racetrack for 30 years and been a farrier for 20 years at public stables and the whole horse world is screwed up, but I know its easy for you to go after horse racing because well, you don’t like it and your not involved in it, more power to you. Do you know how many horses actually were tested this year that were OK ? probably not.


    1. Meanwhile, 5.3 million PET dogs were euthanized and 735,000 people had to go to the emergency room from dog bites. America seems to have a problem with its PETS, have YOU ever worked at The Racetrack?. Maybe we could book a spot on Elan and talk about it in front of a room full of people. Why do you guys keep taking my comments down?


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