Dead racehorse. Source: Pinterest.

Quote of the Day

“In general treatments designed to repair a horse’s injuries and to alleviate [his] suffering are now often used to get the animal out onto the track to compete — to force the animal, like some punch drunk fighter, to make just one more round.”

— Greg Ferraro

TDN Magazine; May 2, 2013; p. 6 »


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Dr. Gregg Ferraro,a well-known equine surgeon and racehorse specialist at Southern California racetracks. This is not a sport.


    1. Thank you Shawna. The article is “old” but fascinating reading. Nothing much changed since then but the escalation of racehorse suffering and death. It has to come to an end. Racing isn’t beyond repair but it would take time, and that would mean huge monetary sacrifices which they have no stomach for.

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