Newly born Thoroughbred foal. Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt/The Horse.

Foals, mares, and active stallions all decline in 2019


“The number of 2019 foals is tracking 3.6% lower at 20,363, compared with a year ago.”

The Bloodhorse reports:

The Jockey Club reported Oct. 3 that 1,630 stallions covered 32,508 mares in North America during 2018, according to statistics compiled through Sept. 26, 2019. These breedings have resulted in 20,363 live foals of 2019 being reported to The Jockey Club on Live Foal Reports.

The Jockey Club estimates the number of live foals reported so far is approximately 90% complete. The reporting of live foals is down 3.6% from last year at this time when The Jockey Club received reports for 21,130 live foals of 2018.

In addition to the live foals of 2019, The Jockey Club also received 2,405 No Foal Reports for the 2019 foaling season. Ultimately, the 2019 registered foal crop is projected to reach 20,800. A crop of 20,800 would mark a fourth straight year the crop has declined in numbers, and it would be the smallest crop since 1966 (20,228).

The number of stallions in 2018 declined 8.3% from the 1,778 reported for 2017 at this time last year, and the number of mares bred declined 5.2% from the 34,288 reported for 2017. Read more »

Anne M. Eberhardt /

Inside a Thoroughbred Nursery; The Horse; April 2019

4 thoughts on “Foals, mares, and active stallions all decline in 2019”

  1. Just over 12,000 matings did not result in live foals.
    No doubt some mares didn’t fall pregnant
    No doubt some mares in foal, slipped
    No doubt some foals were stillborn

    However, I cannot fathom (or believe) that about one-third of the matings resulted in no live foals. Surely there were foals born that had bad conformation and other issues that prevented them from becoming racehorses.


    1. Actually this is the norm from what I have read elsewhere – about a 67% to 70% success rate on average. Particularly in mares that are bred as often as racehorses.


  2. This will only result in more racehorses being run more frequently with NO rest, doped more to keep them filling races, and to keep them filling the wagering profits.
    The unrealistic and outrageous number of tracks, races, and year-round grinding requires racehorses.
    This will, most likely, result in further cruelty, abuse, and inhumane practices.
    This morning, 2 disturbing announcements.
    Maryland. The Stronach Group has evidently secured over 300 million dollars to rebuild Pimlico Racetrack while people in the surrounding neighborhoods are poor and starving Outrageous.
    Kentucky. Churchill Downs announces that they are buying Turfway Park and turning it into a racino.
    Both of these tracks will require an abundance of racehorses to fill races and with not enough now, and with a decrease in foals yearly you can expect SEVERE racehorse abuse with NO repercussions.
    This business continues to tout jobs to get just about anything from our politicians.
    Where are the rest of the voices from people who don’t support this widespread suffering and carnage?
    They continually attempt to bury us all in the manure to shove through these cruelty and killing pits.

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