Horses are shipped to Korea to be slaughtered.

Stop racehorses from being shipped to South Korea and slaughtered


Over the past six years, one third of the racehorses sent from Australia to South Korea has died, according to an analysis by Guardian Australia. One of those was the brother of the beloved racehorse Winx – Bareul Jeong was shipped to South Korea, then killed and likely eaten!

The Guardian adds: “A further 11% are listed in the Korean Racing Authority (KRA) records as “undecided,” an entry that often coincides with an abrupt end to their medical history, or the listing of an injury that is incompatible with racing.”

The problem is that these animals are exported to breed or race, and not for slaughter, so they are not covered by Australian laws that govern the live export industry. Once they arrive in South Korea, they are subject only to that country’s laws.

The cruelty that South Korea imposes on these horses has come to light thanks to footage filmed secretly at the one of the main horse abattoirs at Nonghyup on Jeju Island in South Korea.

It shows horses being trucked into a facility, hit hard with a poly pipe and then forced to enter a fenced-off channel where they are herded along with the pipes and enter the kill box to be stunned by a captive bolt device.

We must put an end to this.

Since South Korea has shown such despicably cruel treatment to these horses, Australia must stop exporting racehorses to South Korea.

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1 thought on “Stop racehorses from being shipped to South Korea and slaughtered”

  1. Signed this petition when it first came out.
    A horse I once owned ended up in Korea – I couldn’t look at the footage. The Guardian did an excellent job in exposing this.


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