Mongolian Groom, Awesome Again Stakes.

Did Mongolian Groom show warning signs of injury before his death?

The following was tweeted showing Mongolian Groom being jogged on the track on raceday. Look at his motion and how he is favoring his near hind, the one that fractured and subsequently resulted in his death. Did the exercise rider mention this to anyone? If he did, nobody cared.

R.I.P. Mongolian Groom

Mongolian Groom was the 37th horse to break down and die at Santa Anita since December. Mongolian Groom’s obvious mental and physical distress is heartbreaking. Why put the screens up? Let people see what their gambling money is paying for.


2 thoughts on “Did Mongolian Groom show warning signs of injury before his death?”

  1. Looking at that poor horse jogging made me sick to my stomach,so called horsemen and vets couldn’t see that. Reading online it looks like the vets do some kind of walk check on the horses pre-race, if so its not enough how could they miss that, and for him to run all out in that condition and be whipped too, my god i can’t see any hope!


  2. OMG this is so bad! Equine educated people there must’ve noticed and it seems did NOTHING. No wonder Mongolian Groom was reluctant to go into the into the gates, he knew he wasn’t up to it.


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