8 thoughts on “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Raced to Death (Full Segment) — HBO”

  1. In the video, I noticed that a number of the interviewees who had a conscience got out of the racing business. Wish more would.


  2. Every American should watch this video. Every person who bets on the horses has blood on his hands. I have four OTTBs who were injured on the track and on their way to slaughter. I love them very much. I am so glad I was able to save them, even though they represent but a very small fraction of those slaughtered.


    1. You are a true hero. We applaud you and everyone who rescues and gives back to these horses. Your comment has lifted our spirits. We see so much evil, we sometimes get caught up in it. Thank you!


  3. When I went to look at this, notice came up that video could not be viewed in my country. However, I have no doubt that Patrick would’ve done an excellent job.


    1. He did a superb job. However, he was at the beginning and then there was a whole lot more. They interviewed a lot of people. Showed inside a slaughterhouse. Interviewed various people that work in racing. Got a guy at the back on a racetrack who pretended he didn’t know horses were going to slaughter when he had just handed some over to the meat man to put in his truck.


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