California Gavin Newsom

Take action against horse racing. Contact your State Governor.

We are calling on all Californians to contact Governor Newsom’s office by phone or contact form to shut down California horse racing — particularly Santa Anita. Tweet your message to @GavinNewsom.

Do you have horse racing in your State?

Please contact your Governor and voice your opposition to horse racing and it’s horrific history of maiming, abusing and killing of racehorses. Let’s get the ball rolling and establish momentum on this issue. Find Governor contact information by State here.

Thank you everyone.

If you have not seen the video, “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Raced to Death”, please go here.


4 thoughts on “Take action against horse racing. Contact your State Governor.”

  1. Then answer is NOT to eliminate horse racing, but to REFORM it and make it safe – as safe as possible. These breakdowns do NOT happen frequently in other parts of the world, where they run on turf, and ban drugs. We also need to make major changes in breeding. Horses are being overbred, and bred excessively for speed, at the expense of stamina.

    Suzanne Hurst


    1. Suzanne, how do you propose racing be reformed? Arthur Hancock has been trying to get drugs out of racing for two decades to no avail. If it COULD be reformed, and I don’t believe it can, don’t you think someone would have reformed it by now? I have been around the racing industry for years and the atrocities I have seen would fill the Empire State Building. Whenever you mix money, animals and gambling, the animals always end up losing.


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