Vegan 8 Potato Carrot Tomato Soup featured image.

Healthy Potato Carrot Tomato Soup by The Vegan 8

Greetings everyone from Patsy.

This deliciously filling soup by The Vegan 8 is just what the doctor ordered for the cold weather coming up or already arrived. And it gives us a tasty break between the cooking marathon that is Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The lady behind The Vegan 8 calls her cooking site that because it’s vegan and her recipes have only 8 ingredients.

Her Instagram post on this highly recommended soup recipe is coming up, but first, here’s a look at what goes in it.

• red onion
• garlic
• gold potatoes
• carrots
• regular paprika
• ground coriander
• fire-roasted tomatoes
• chili pepper sauce

Rotel and Hunt’s both sell canned fire-roasted tomatoes. Target, Walmart and Kroger’s stock them among others.

Get the recipe at The Vegan 8 website here »

Here’s her Instagram post.

Some people think it’s too hot — burns your mouth, makes your sinuses run — others find it is just the right amount of heat. My husband thinks it’s just right and my daughter and I think it’s a bit hot. So I cook it for us girls without all that heat, and let my husband add the chili pepper sauce to his taste. He helps put out the fire with an ice cold beer.

Here’s the recipe link again.

By the way, if you wonder what beers are vegan, check out this list.

We love chilis and stews and soups at our house. Or anything “one pot”. How about you?

I will be back, don’t know when yet, with some Christmas ideas plus links to previous Christmas posts here on Tuesday’s Horse that have gotten the best reviews. Let me know what you need some inspiration on.

I am boogey-ing on out of here for now.

Love, Patsy.


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