RSPCA NSW racehorses are sent to slaughter reports the Daily Mail.

RSPCA NSW admits it sends racehorses to slaughter

This is yet another alarming report. Perhaps you have seen it already.

It is the nature of our work that we see and hear all sorts of disgustingly cruel and morally corrupt stories. Some make the headlines. A lot do not. It has been quite awhile since we have seen something like this. It is surprising but at the same time, it isn’t really. You’ll see what we mean.

In an exclusive by the Daily Mail, the title tells is all: “How the RSPCA sends broken-down thoroughbreds from NSW to slaughterhouses to be turned into pet food — after slamming the racing industry for destroying horses”.

The RSPCA has admitted for the first time it sends broken-down racehorses to slaughterhouses in New South Wales where their carcasses are processed into pet food.

The animal welfare body has been one of the strongest critics of thoroughbreds being sent to abattoirs and knackeries once they are retired from the racing industry.

RSPCA New South Wales told Daily Mail Australia it sometimes sent stock including thoroughbreds for commercial slaughter if no other option was available.

‘On occasion the only mechanism for disposing of very diseased, unwell or aged stock animals is via abattoir or knackery facilities,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘RSPCA NSW has in the past sent stock to abattoir, and continues to do so in a variety of circumstances.’

One of the knackeries RSPCA NSW has used in the past is Burns Pet Foods in Sydney which featured in a recent ABC expose alleging thoroughbreds were being slaughtered on an industrial scale.

Burns Pet Foods, which processes horse meat for consumption by animals, has recently been prosecuted by the RSPCA for cruelty to cattle and sheep.

The company pleaded guilty in September to four counts of aggravated animal cruelty and one of failing to provide veterinary treatment.

An RSPCA NSW spokesman said it was possible the animal had been in a condition which made it cruel to keep it alive and it was euthanised before being delivered to Burns Pet Foods.

“RSPCA NSW has in the past sent stock to abattoir, and continues to do so in a variety of circumstances,” the spokeswoman continued.

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The number of Thoroughbred racehorses sent to slaughter around the world is staggering. We have been trying to get a handle on how many that actually is, and just when we feel we have a pretty accurate idea, another of these type of reports surface.

It appears the only way to begin dealing with this problem is by addressing the world’s racehorse breeders who churn these animals out like sausages. Perhaps a solution would be for governments to step in and regulate breeders, allowing them to produce only a certain number of foals per year. They certainly are not going to moderate themselves. We can hear the uproar already at the very idea.

If ever addressed, and there is nothing to suggest it will be, the issue of overbreeding would only be the very tip of a long laundry list of serious problems killing racehorses that horse racing needs to face, potentially at this point around the world.

So we will have to wait until the horse racing industry self implodes in the vast seas of its racehorses’ blood. We will do everything in our power to help it along.

2 thoughts on “RSPCA NSW admits it sends racehorses to slaughter”

  1. People don’t know how to look after the horse I being working with horses since I was 12 worked at a showjumping place for 3 years I went to horse shows and I stay there to


  2. Sigh… Can associations that protect animals really be trusted?Another example is as in Australia, cats are being slaugthered and ASPCA Australia is doing nothing about it. Visit for more info.

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