Wyoming Wild Horses free on the open range, where they belong.

BLM targets 5 wild horse herds for destruction in Wyoming

Carol Walker of Wild Hoofbeats reports:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a Scoping Document with a 30 day public comment period on 5 of the largest wild horse herds in Wyoming:

Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, Great Divide Basin, White Mountain and Little Colorado.

I have been visiting, observing and photographing the wild horses in these 5 herds since 2004.

The BLM claims that these herds are “overpopulated” even though they completed a roundup of three herds, Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin only 2 years ago. The last roundup and removal in White Mountain and Little Colorado was in 2011.

The BLM provides figures of their wild horse population estimates in these 5 herds using a flyover and a statistical double-count method, and one of the new changes is that now any horse over the low range of AML is considered “excess” – this is not how an excess determination is made. For example, the BLM says there are 929 wild horses in Adobe Town and the AML is 600-800, so the actual “excess” is only 129 horses not 329. This change does make a difference and is the creative math that the BLM uses to justify their actions. They are also now counting foals which they have never done before in their population estimates. This allows them to pad their counts and justify a roundup.

She continues:

The plan to remove 2702 wild horses from these 5 herds and then experimenting on and sterilizing the wild horses that remain is the BLM’s endgame for America’s wild horses. We must oppose this plan and save our wild horses.

Take Action

We need public comments to save the wild horses in Wyoming, so it would be great if you could also take a couple of minutes to send in a comment.

Walker makes the following suggestions on what you can say. Please express these ideas in your own words as best you can.

Some points I would suggest you mention:

•  The correct alternative is the NO Action Alternative.

•  The BLM must prepare on EIS for this project given the scope and public opposition.

•  Do actual counts of wild horses using an independent agency.

•  Opposition to spaying wild mares, gelding stallions, chemical vasectomies and the use of Gonacon.

•  Opposition to skewing the sex ratios of the herds.

•  Manage these 5 herds on public lands where they are found.

• If birth control must be used, use the proven, humane, PZP.

Please make your comments by the end of the day, December 20, 2019.

You can submit comments through the BLM website:


You can also email comments to: blm_wy_rsfo_wildhorse_hmas@BLM.gov

And send them by mail to:
BLM Rock Springs Field Office
High Desert District
Multi-Year Wild Horse Gather
280 HWY 191 North
Rock Springs, WY 82901

Please share far and wide. Thank you.

Read Carol Walker’s full report »

8 thoughts on “BLM targets 5 wild horse herds for destruction in Wyoming”

  1. There’s a bad link to the comment for BLM. I tried to search their site but cannot find it! Please help :)


  2. Please stop rounding up all these majestic wild horses an leav them in the wild please just stop these round ups stop destroying these beautiful animals let them be free stay free an if u use sterilization then u.l wipe out these animals an future child will never get the pleasure of doing what a wild horse is


  3. Letting cattle barons set policy is counter to democracy.. These wild horses stimulate sustainable economy as so many people travel to the remote regions and enjoy our collective ownership of public lands, I myself traveled south western Wy. Looking for and enjoying watching these vestiges of a past era!


  4. Stop rounding up and killing wild horses.They have a right to live. The land was set aside for our American icons. The land is not for slum ranchers. May you all rot in hell for killing Gods beautiful animals. Horses were not put on this earth for food. Anyone who eats horses, dogs, and cats are sick pos.


  5. End the roundups. Stop this proposal. The wild horses do not belong to the BLM, they belong to the people. These roundups have been going on for years, only for the benefit of the sheep and cattle ranchers and against the will of the people of the country. Wild horses and burros must remain wild. They do no harm to the land whereas herding animals do massive damage. This proposal and many before it are for the profit of a few. Stop this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We should all stop eating beef. On second thought, that probably not make a difference because beef is exported to China.


      1. I believe you are right Linda. When researching why, with the increasing popularity of the vegetarian and especially the vegan lifestyle (dairy businesses are filing for bankruptcy for example), yet at the same time beef production and sales are reportedly rising.

        Anti vegans use beef production and sales stats to suggest that there are not so many vegans after all, but we found that a good percentage of American beef is being exported to . . . you nailed it — China.

        In the meantime, the public lands ranchers claim that they supply their beef to high end restaurants etc in the US and are not selling product to China. But past history has taught us that we cannot reasonably expect them to tell the truth.

        America’s wild horses and burros have for decades been treated like pariahs by people like public lands welfare cattle ranchers. Yet the Mustangs bother no one. They are constantly on the move. Welfare cattle are stationary until they graze everything down to the dirt.

        Regardless of who is right and who is wrong is subject to interpretation. However, there is absolutely no doubt that welfare cattle ranchers want our wild horses and burros zeroed out on public lands. Period. That has always been their goal for decades.

        You most likely know most or all of this, but there may still be readers who do not.

        Thank you!


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