n angry neighbor attempts to enter Andrew Lustgarten’s building to complain about the protest against rodeos at MSG.

Anti-rodeo activists protest at home of Madison Square Garden President Andrew Lustgarten

by DANNY ROSS at Their Turn (theirturn.net)

Animal rights activists in New York have staged four protests at the Manhattan home of Madison Square Garden president Andrew Lustgarten, demanding that he cancel a rodeo scheduled for June 2020. The ongoing protests are being organized by Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund (ACEF) and NYCLASS, animal rights organizations based in New York.

During the protest, Janet Enoch, Investigator of Showing Animals Kindness & Respect (SHARK), an organization that has been exposing rodeo cruelty for three decades, told bystanders why the rodeo is cruel:

“Rodeos shock the animals to make them buck and appear wild. Rodeo contestants rake horses and bulls with spurs causing internal hemorrhaging. Rodeos use the buck strap which causes abdominal pain. In an effort to get the buck strap off, horses sometimes crash into walls often causing injury or death.  Animals should not be tortured for human entertainment.”

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Turn the sound down!

For decades, for most of the animals involved, being bought and used for rodeos it is merely a detour en route to the slaughterhouse. Animal injuries and deaths are routine, on-site veterinary care all too rare.

Canada has the notorious Champion Stampede. Yet, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) outlawed rodeos back in 1934. N. America needs to catch up.

So. what do you think? Cruel? Or good family fun? Speaking of which, rodeos teaches kids that it’s alright to brutally abuse animals to the point of serious injury or even death. The ones who survive, if you can call it that? Well, we’ve already told you the answer to that.

Care to send Lustgarten a message? You can’t tweet him @alustgarten; his account is private. Suppose that’s why they showed up on his doorstep.

You will recognize the group NYCLASS. They are trying to shut down the carriage horse business in New York City too.

Featured Image: An angry neighbor attempts to enter Andrew Lustgarten’s building to complain about the noisy protest going on outside against rodeos being held at Madison Square Garden.

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    1. You seem to come across as being a person who accepts animal cruelty … you appear to find excuses for it.
      You stated in another comment that you whipped your horse who was down to make him get up ?

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