Melbourne carriage horses.

Melbourne carriage driver sacked for kicking downed horse

MELBOURNE, Australia — A video of a frustrated Melbourne, Australia carriage driver kicking a horse and yelling at her to get up has viewers across the internet outraged.

Krista Knight, a veterinary nurse, posted the shocking footage to Facebook. She told FOX 35 News that she and her husband saw the driver kicking and yelling at the horse from afar and came over to try and calm the man down.

The horse appeared to have slipped on the asphalt and couldn’t get back up. According to Knight, the chains and leads from the carriage were stopping the horse from moving her back legs, so every time the horse tried to get up, she would fall back down.

“We tried to explain to him that the horse could not stand because she was still attached to the carriage and her shoes were so slippery. He ignored us, swore and continued to try to get her to stand and kick her,” she said.

After several minutes, Knight says her husband was able to unhitch the horse, named Tuesday, from the carriage and she stood up right away.

“As soon as she was standing, he hitched her to the carriage again while she was still visibly stressed and then they went on a ride with passengers. He did not check her legs for injury, there was blood in her mouth and he didn’t offer water or wait for a vet.”

In an update, the Daily Mail reports that the man has been fired.

In the meantime, The Horse Fund received a communication that the carriage horse driver in question “may have been sacked as a driver, but he is still at the company, and when everything dies down they will hire him back”.

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4 thoughts on “Melbourne carriage driver sacked for kicking downed horse”

      1. I messaged them on fb. Plz send me updates as to this situation; i am so tired of companies thinking theyll just wait for the problem to “blow over” in public consciousness. We need to follow up and keep after them. Thank you.


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