One of a reported 15 horses shot and killed in Eastern Kentucky, December, 2019.

Six more dead horses found in Kentucky killing spree

Update: Before you go away, there is a Petition you may be interested in signing.

As many of you have already heard, a rescue group helping with the investigation of horse deaths in Floyd County have reported that an additional six horses have been found dead.

This increases the number of horses who have been shot and killed to 20* of varying ages with some in foal — or pregnant — who aborted when shot.

Dumas Rescue posted on their Facebook page:

“I cannot put into words how heartbroken and disgusted I am, knowing the person(s) responsible for this massacre still at large. I know these pictures are hard to look at, and even harder to stomach but this is reality. This is the truth. Please continue to share their story, we are their only voice. They deserve justice and someone out there knows who did this.”

It appears that the horses were made to panic and run, and then hunted down and killed. Regardless, these murders were “pleasure” killings.

The crime scene — deep in Appalachia’s coal country — is so desolate that the only way in or out is by all-terrain vehicle. There are no paved roads to speak of.

It was there, on a decommissioned strip mine site in Floyd County in Eastern Kentucky, that the local sheriff and the head of an animal welfare group said that they had made a grisly discovery . . . 14 horses had been shot to death.

Some of the horses had gunshot wounds to the head and others to the heart and lung areas, according to the authorities.

A handful of horses were privately owned; the others were free-roaming.

Money has poured in. A reward of $20,000 is now being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of the person or persons responsible.

If the killer has not left the area, then he is being harbored by someone. Anyone who can commit such atrocities is in our opinion extremely dangerous and must be turned in to the authorities, regardless of their connection to the killer — family, friend or employer.

The horror of these horse killings are making headlines around the world. Forget the bounty. Anyone knowing anything that can help lead to the arrest of the killer must step up. Now. It is the right thing to do.

Floyd County Sheriff’s Dept
149 S Central Ave
Prestonsburg, KY 41653
Phone No: 606-886-6711

Megan Goble

1 thought on “Six more dead horses found in Kentucky killing spree”

  1. …my heart bleeds…

    too many humans are beyond evil…
    ☻☻ forever softly in the *stars*..
    beautiful angel horses.. are loved..
    you are beautiful..
    ..your lives matter..

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