Six pure-bred Exmoors destined for slaughter have been saved

Via the Horse & Hound, 3 Jan 2020

ENGLAND. A trust that rescues unwanted Exmoor ponies has stepped in to save six purebreds who were destined for the slaughterhouse.

The Moorland Mousie Trust, whose work has given a future to more than 500 of the endangered breed, was alerted to the plight of the group, which included pregnant mares, foals, youngsters and a stallion.

The herd was no longer wanted by its owner and was at a dealer’s yard awaiting transport to an equine slaughterhouse.

Although the charity has already taken in nine moor-bred foals this year, it agreed to try and help as many of the ponies as its resources would allow.

After making a tough decision about which ponies it could afford to save, the trust discovered several of the group were already dead.

The 20-year-old charity bought six of the remaining ponies, transporting four foals to its Exmoor Pony Centre to be cared for, while two older mares travelled to Northumberland to join a conservation herd.

Juliet Rogers, trustee of the Moorland Mousie Trust said:

“It was a fraught situation with very little time to arrange the ponies being taken into the charity’s care.

“We are pleased that we could help and look forward to offering these ponies a safe and secure future.”

The two mares, who may be in foal, will be able to live out their days in the Northumberland herd, grazing with other older mares.


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