Two horses touching faces. Photographer unknown.

February and March themes

If you are a regular follower of Tuesday’s Horse, you know that we often focus attention on a particular horse cruelty issue for the month of March. Examples are March Against Horse Slaughter, March for Premarin© Horses, and Meat Out for Mustangs.

Our group agreed that we wanted to do one this year, and selected March Against Horse Slaughter.

As we prepare and put together our campaign for March Against Horse Slaughter, we would love to have your input and ideas. Use our contact form to get in touch or mention them in comments.

If you would like to give something of your own, let us know. Perhaps you would like to contribute a poem, a personal experience, a piece of art, or have a story you’ve longed to tell.


We are also going to have a theme this month. With Valentine’s Day celebrated in February, it is a romantic, sentimental month, when love and relationships are on just about everybody’s mind.

With all that love in the air, we are acknowledging people throughout the month who do inspired, courageous acts of kindness for horses.

It seems we get so busy caught up in trying to stop the bad that people do, we do not take the time or even notice the good that people do for our horses. We would love to hear from you on this too.

Back with you a bit later!

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