Black horse portrait.

March Against Horse Slaughter 2020

Hello there.

Did you think we had forgotten about March Against Horse Slaughter? We haven’t. We’ve just been incredibly busy. Some of us are just plain worn out and need re-energizing for the “big push”.

Stay with us. We have a lot coming up including a brand new, international citizens’ action campaign aimed at ending horse slaughter and the production and consumption of horse meat. It’s mega and you won’t want to miss being a part of it. Stay tuned.

Speaking of being a part of it . . .


Do you have any extra languages you are good with? Contact us here at Tuesday’s Horse and let us know if you would like to volunteer with a bit of translating here and there. It’s nothing heavy duty, or includes technical language, or anything like that.

Social Media

Social media is everything and we need all of you to help with sharing. Just about all the activities we have planned will have complementary social media activities to go with them. A lot will simply be sharing.

However, if you are extra talented and clever in the area of social media, the horses need you. Let us know what you are especially good at and what you would like and have time to do.

March Against Horse Slaughter 2017

If you are new to Tuesday’s Horse and/or the Fund for Horses (also called the Horse Fund for short), we ran a campaign against horse slaughter in 2017. You can see a list of our Tuesday’s Horse posts here.

Thank you everyone. See you back here soon.

Vivian Grant Farrell,

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