Irish Thoroughbred Mare and Foal. Image by Alicia Frese (c) Flint Gallery.

Happy St Patrick’s Day

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, here is a parade of horses of Ireland.

Wild horses of Ireland.
A friendly but shy horse in a rocky pasture close to the beach and the wild Atlantic, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland
Trio of Irish horses.
Wild horses grazing in a meadow beneath the falls, Ireland.
Connemara horse. Ireland.


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3 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s Day”

  1. These horses are just so beautiful!
    And living in such a peaceful and natural environment makes it perfect. How precious it is.

    Thanks for these fabulous photos and yes, Happy St Patrick’s Day.
    I was educated at St Patrick’s Girls High School in Sydney by fantastic nuns who were very modern for their time, highly qualified and inspirational – forever grateful to them, my school days there were a joy, feel really lucky to have such fond memories.
    I dream about going back to visit Ireland again one day – proud of my Irish heritage.
    When I get down about the racehorses, I pick up my favourite book on Ireland – “Ireland by Nick Constable and Karen Farrington”.


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