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MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Calling all Americans! We end March with one last plea to ask your U.S. Representative to cosponsor H.R. 961 to help us reach 290 cosponsors which will release the bill from its Committee assignments and get it onto the U.S. House floor for a vote. H.R.961 currently has 228 cosponsors.

We hear from some of you that you feel it is not appropriate right now to be “bothering Congress”. Mrs Farrell responded to this in the comment section of a post.

Some people have said they don’t want to bother their Representatives while the virus scare is going on and Congress is so busy. That’s honorable and considerate. BUT you can contact them via email or with PopVox and your request and comments will be directed to the Aide responsible for this bill (H.R.961). Each Aide then makes a report at the end of the month of how many calls, emails etc they have gotten on a bill, for or against, how strongly they feel about it, and reports it to the “boss” who then decides whether or not to cosponsor it. So please take action. It will only take you 10-15 minutes. Thank you. For the Horses!

Make a Call

Phone calls are tallied weekly. Know who your Representative is? Use the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and they will put you through. When your reach their office, remember to ask for the Aide handling H.R.961, the SAFE Act. Have your talking points ready. Type them up beforehand and read them. They probably won’t notice, but if they do they will be grateful you prepared yourself so well before you called.

Be sure to leave your name, address and phone number (you may also be asked for your email) and ask them to read it back to you for accuracy before you hang up. This is standard. They will not mind!

Contact your US Representative today online or by phone. Ask them to Cosponsor H.R.961.

Do It Online

You can take action online any time of the day or night.

Find Your Representative (using your zip code)

Directory of Representatives

Contact Your Representative

Create a free PopVox Account (with email & password)

Horse Fund Stakeholders Page

Talking Points

Here are some ideas to get you started:

H.R. 961 (the SAFE Act) — To prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the United States.

Tens of thousands of American horses are shipped each year to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered for human consumption — a practice that 80% of American voters oppose.

American horses are not raised for food and routinely given a wide range of medications that are expressly prohibited for use in meat products for particularly for human consumption.

Phenylbutazone (commonly known as “bute”) is a painkiller used legally by more than 85% of US horse owners to treat everyday soreness and inflammation, is banned completely in food-producing animals.

Even so, the problem of horses and burros being butchered for human consumption persists because “kill-buyers” can legally purchase horses at auctions or from unsuspecting owners in order to transport them to slaughterhouses across US borders.

Horse slaughter being a predatory business, various regulatory agency ID documentation systems for slaughterbound horses, including “passports” showing a horse’s origin and medical history, have all miserably failed.

The problem of hundreds of thousands of American horses being shipped to slaughter across our borders has persisted for far too long and despite overwhelming public opposition to this practice.

The negative food safety and animal welfare concerns associated with the horse slaughter industry are simply too great to continue to ignore.

The US has a moral obligation to outlaw the slaughter of horses for human consumption and prevent unsafe horse meat from entering the human food chain.

Support the SAFE Act of 2019 by cosponsoring and voting for H.R.961.

Republican Support

Please see our call to action post on getting more Republican support. Anti horse slaughter bills have traditionally received bipartisan support. If they have cosponsored a similar bill in the past and not this time, it is mostly likely because they have not heard from enough of you. Remember, they are getting calls from those who oppose the bill too!

Horse meat cuts painted on a live, grazing horse.
Horse with Types of Meat Painted On.

Something to Consider

We know that some of you are thinking it is too late to get this bill through. So long as Congress is in session, it is not too late. Time, however, is of the essence. We need to get this done before the Summer Recess even if they shorten it or do not take it at all.

In the meantime, consider this.

H.R.961 is called the SAFE Act which stands for the Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2019. It is called that for a reason. Horses are given a long list of drugs throughout their lifetimes that bar their meat from entering the human food chain.

We need every single individual who cares about horses and food safety to take action on this bill. Surely everyone can see, with what we are going through right now, how urgent food safety is.

It is immoral of us as a nation to continue to ship toxic horse meat around the world knowing it is for human consumption. Would you have the U.S. behave as China?

Thank You

Thank you for taking action.

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