Protective Thoroughbred mare and young foal huddle together in pasture.

Ky Thoroughbred industry refers to breeding as assembly line production

Check out this tweet. How do you feel about comparing the production of horses to the assembly line production of automobiles?

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6 thoughts on “Ky Thoroughbred industry refers to breeding as assembly line production”

  1. You horse breeders know this rampant breeding leads to the HORROR that is horse slaughter. Horses that do not make BIG BUCKS for you their “loving” owner will be sold to an unknown future…..which can mean brutal SLAUGHTER in Mexico or Canada.
    And you say you LOVE HORSES!

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  2. Thanks for being responsible for unbelievable suffering. Breedimg limits need to be enacted right now. Thanks to your wasteful industry horses go to slaughter. Did you know they’re cutting their legs off with chainsaws while they’re hanging upside down and still alive? Well it’s true. The slaughter of horses is nothing like what happens with cattle. It’s also the biggest betrayal of trust known to mankind. Thanks for being the driver seat on this.

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  3. When will this stop. Perhaps it’s time to take this to Congress. There is no good reason for horse racing… There shouldn’t be anything that will give these monsters a reason to breed horses, There will always be unethical people in the world of horses, so by eliminating the need to have them bred, people can go back to loving them with no ulterior motive!


  4. It’s disgusting! They are NOT BABY making machines! And forget the beautiful pastures with the mares and foals! The whole process is a sham and short lived for these poor babies! The racing industry is the worse equine discipline!

    Babies taken away from mares after a while then put into weanling groups. Then from that group they begin training at barely a year old.
    Then the torture begins with minimal saddle training, pumped full of high protein feeds and vitamins their poor under developed legs are run off! Most taken to the yearling sales like Keenland or other Throughbred sales! Run into the ground like yesterday’s trash! They are filled with pharmeceticals to keep them running! Also given lasix to prevent their lungs from hemmeraging because of the force exhurted on their little lungs! Running these baby horses under developed is like asking a two year.old to run a 5k race! No longer the Sport of the Kings but Sport of the Dead! As a horse owner the deaths are outrageous! And none of these people care one damn bit.about the horses! It’s all about the MONEY!

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