Three Off the Track Standardbred Racehorses.

Help off the track Standardbred racehorses

CREAM RIDGE, NEW JERSEY (Apr 5, 2020) — After nearly 32 years of helping thousands of Standardbred horses, and shining under numerous awards from Racing Commissioners International, the American Associations of Equine Practitioners, the Harness Tracks of America and many others, the Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) are facing serious trouble during the Covid virus pandemic. 


Paula Campbell and Judy Bokman have worked tirelessly to keep this mission going, but potential adopters are holding off, and horses scheduled for homes are on hold. SRF will be unable to continue to feed and care for all 382 horses — especially with its planned social fundraisers now cancelled.

There are no government or industry grants available to assist these horses. 94% of the success of the mission is attributed to the generosity of individuals. 

In the meantime, the many facilities SRF uses to board these horses are making some concessions to help get them through this. The monthly cost for feed and care is now down to $76,800 for the 382 horses.

They need your help now.


Your tax-deductible donation will help save these horses. You can donate, right here, right now, directly to the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, using the blue button below.

OR check out the donation options at their website at

You can also send them a check by mail to SRF, PO Box 312, Millstone Twp., NJ 08535.

Thank you

We are aware we are all being asked on a daily basis to help out with a donation to many, many deserving organizations. This is certainly one of them. They are a stellar group. The Standardbred Retirement Foundation organization has saved so many horses from slaughter and made more than 3,000 adoptions.

We wish we were millionaires for a single day. They would be on our list.

Thank you everyone.

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2 thoughts on “Help off the track Standardbred racehorses”

  1. I rescued two Standardbreds from the Shipshewana, Indiana, kill auction in 2008 and, next to the TB, they are near and dear to my heart. They are a wonderful breed and not as reactive as the TB. I have donated to the SRF in the past and will mail another donation to them. They do great work!


    1. Thank you so much Mary. Standardbreds are wonderful and as you say, not as highly strung. Given a chance to overcome all that is done to them, Thoroughbreds make wonderful companions and riding partners too. I know you know that. Just stating it for our readers.

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