Ojibwe spirit horses grow by one with birth of male foal

Birth of foal lifts ‘spirits’ at TJ Stables

While spirit horses typically like to give birth in secret, owner Terry Jenkins said she had “anticipated (the mom) was going to foal soon.”

“So we brought her up to the front so we could keep a closer watch on her,” Jenkins said.

She added there was a concern for the foal’s safety with coyotes being in the area.

She said the birth happened some time overnight. When they woke up, they found him there, Jenkins said.

“This little thing, he was just prancing around,” she added. “He’s very lively and very healthy, so we’re excited.”

Jenkins said this is the first Ojibwe spirit horse born on the farm but noted four other mares are due to foal this summer, so the herd is expected to grow even more.

This male foal is the first Ojibwe spirit horse to be born at TJ Stables. The yet-to-be-named horse, who arrived sometime early Tuesday, is pictured here with his mother.

The horses are said to have healing power. Jenkins said when TJ Stables reopens after this pandemic is over, “there is going to be a lot of people needing healing.” Read more »

Isn’t he gorgeous?

Canada’s First Horse

Ojibwe Horses are Canada’s Indigenous breed. Small and resilient, a spirit animal and traditional helper, the last four of these ponies were rescued in 1977 at Lac La Croix, Ontario.

The Ojibwe Horses were in North America by the thousands prior to European contact. DNA evidence shows they are different from European-introduced horse breeds in distinctive ways that made them an integral and harmonious part of the North American boreal forest. The testimony of Indigenous elders affirms they have had a spiritual and working relationship with the Ojibwe Horse throughout time.

The Ojibwe Horse has been known by several names, including the Lac La Croix Indigenous Pony or Indian Horse. They are noted as Critically Endangered on Canada’s Conservation List.

Learn more at the Ojibwe Horse Society at http://ojibwehorse.ca/. Become a Member.

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