Horse wearing top hat and bunny ears. Pinterest.

Vegan Easter video recipes

That may be the cutest Easter Bunny top hat ever on that gorgeous horse.

Hello! We have some lovely Easter ideas for you. The following recipe videos are super for long time vegans and people just starting out.

The recipe videos we selected include hot cross buns, a super main course and nested chocolate eggs. Another shows you how to make vegan deviled eggs. What is Easter without deviled eggs? In the USA anyway. Lastly there are recipes for no bake sweets (including chocolate eggs) in case you find your oven otherwise occupied.

Madeleine Olivia

The Vegan Test Kitchen

Here’s a video by Vegan Test Kitchen for vegan deviled eggs. Oh yeah!

Katie Bradly

Don’t want to turn on the oven, or already using it for something else? How about these no bake Easter treats? Aren’t the colours lovely?

Here’s wishing you a super Easter. Thank you for following us and being part of the Fund for Horses and Tuesday’s Horse family.

Here’s the full horse.

Source: Pinterest

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