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Private livestock not wild horses are overwhelming U.S. public lands

Carol Walker, of Wild Hoofbeats fame, wrote a superb and necessary post addressing the misinformation contained in the New York Times article written by David Philipps entitled “A Mustang Crisis Looms in the West.” Philipps puts the blame for the “degradation of public lands in the West on wild horses, in both the headline and the body of the article,” writes Walker.

Walker further states, “Data and maps from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) conclusively show private livestock, not wild horses, are overwhelming public lands in the West, both in grazing territory and sheer numbers (relative to wild horses).”

She calls our attention to the following map.

“Compare the green areas”, Walker points out, “showing BLM livestock grazing allotments (on the left) to the light blue areas showing BLM wild horse Herd Management Areas (on the right). This clearly shows that wild horses aren’t all over public lands in the West (as both Mr. Philipps and his sources claim), but cattle are.”

“The real crisis, and degradation to public lands, is caused by the BLM allowing huge numbers of privately owned livestock to graze on public lands.  Ranchers fiercely fight to not lower the numbers of their livestock, since many get bank loans based on their BLM grazing allotments (public lands).”

There is much more. Read on »

In the meantime, one has to wonder why The New York Times would publish such a propaganda piece. Thank you Carol for putting them straight.

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From the same article, “According to a report by WildEarth Guardians titled Mortgaging Our Natural Heritage, former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt has written that federal public lands livestock grazing ‘is the most damaging use of public land,’ and reams of scientific studies support that assertion.”

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See also Carol Walker’s Living Images. Breathtaking.

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