Take action for wild horses

Help end conflicts between wild horses and public land ranchers

The Voluntary Grazing Retirement ActH.R. 5737 — would benefit wild horses and burros by providing another way to settle land and resource conflicts.

H.R. 5737 would also allow third parties, like wild horse or environmental organizations, to compensate livestock grazing permittees who choose to voluntarily relinquish their permits on land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management or U.S. Forest Service, permanently ending grazing on that allotment.

The legislation would incentivize the transfer of sensitive habitat while keeping land in the public domain for environmental, wildlife, recreation and other purposes, like the grazing of wild horses and burros on lands designated for their use.

Contact Your U.S. Representative

Go to the Directory of Representatives to get in touch by phone or email. Not sure who represents you? There is a look up box by zip code to help you in the upper righthand corner.

OR . . . GovTrackUS is a super easy way to connect with your lawmakers in Washington. Here’s a link to the H.R. 5737 page.

As you can imagine time is of the essence. Please take action as quickly as you can. Thank you.

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