Backlash swift after Victoria carriage horse company calls for help

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NINA GROSSMAN reporting for Victoria News reports writes:

Tally-Ho Carriage Tours, running carriage rides in Victoria for 117 years, suspended operations March 19 after closed borders and travel restrictions effectively shut down the city’s tourism industry.

On a GoFundMe page, the business says it’s facing the “harsh reality” that it will experience 12 months with no income. Now Tally-Ho is asking for the public’s help to care for its “18 magnificent draft horses.”

Tally-Ho Carriage Tours says it faces $120,000 shortfall amid COVID-19 shutdown.

Here are suggested sums of money Tally-Ho are asking for as reported by Victoria Buzz:

Sponsor a Tally-Ho horse – pick your favorite: $600/month
Adopt the Tally-Ho herd for a day: $350
One regular vet visit – an important check-up: $200
One farrier visit – time for toes: $100
One bag of grain – super food for horses: $20

Picking up with the Victoria News article:


The Victoria Horse Alliance, a longstanding group opposing the carriages, is not pleased by Tally-Ho’s call out for help.

Founder Jordan Reichert called the fundraiser “unconscionable.”

“There are sanctuaries rescuing animals from abusive situations that need funds now more than ever. Meanwhile, an over 100-year-old for-profit business that exploits animals for profit is opportunistically trying to exploit people’s love for animals during a crisis to line their own pockets,” he said in a news release. “Every business and every individual across Canada needs funds right now; donating to a horse carriage business should not be a priority during this difficult time.”

The alliance says it’s “willing to work with the carriage companies to find homes for the horses if they cannot afford them, but only if they agree to phase out and shut down their operations permanently.”

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FEATURED IMAGE: Tally-Ho carriage horse at work.

7 thoughts on “Backlash swift after Victoria carriage horse company calls for help”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe the drivel I’m seeing in the comments. Abuse? These horses and so incredibly well cared for and they are doing something they love to do,,,pulling people. Save money over the years? I have been a horse owner and the expenses are never ending. You do it because of love for the animals(or in my case a daughters love of the animals). parasites live off the bones, backs, and lives of non-consenting sentient beings? Really?? How about the love and care that the owners show the animals? How about the stress and worry the owners experience when one of their animals gets sick? How about the love the horses show the to the humans! I have lived here for over 60 years and I love and support this unique and historic enterprise. I love hearing the clop clop of the horses hooves and the chatter of the knowledgeable carriage drivers as they make their way through historic James Bay showing off our beautiful and unique city. I support Victoria carriages!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Black Beauty… over 100 years ago, if my memory serves me correctly.
    Anna Sewell would be appalled to know that we humans did not listen and learn about what a horrible existence these magnificent horses are forced to suffer.
    There’s no excuse for animal cruelty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are so many types of abuse. In the case of racing it’s so people can throw their livelihood away gambling. That’s what fuels the whole sick thing. Without gambling racing would collapse. What a racket, a deadly racket for the horses.

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  3. Don’t understand how come they don’t have any money saved up from running that business for 117 years!


  4. It’s all the same isn’t it?
    These parasites live off the bones, backs, and lives of non-consenting sentient beings.
    They make millions in profits over the years and usually dump the very horses that generated their profits.
    Whether it’s the carriage horses or the horse racing industry.
    They are all parasites and I’m happy that they have been called out.
    It’s time to end this travesty because the business models that exploit animals for profit have no place in the 21st century – none.
    They all need to go.


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