Starving horse becomes safe and happy

First Taste of Freedom

This horse was so hungry that she stuck her head in an electric fence looking for food. But now she’s gotten plenty to eat and feels like a whole new horse. Today she’s about to find out she has a whole field of grass to run in!

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1 thought on “Starving horse becomes safe and happy”

  1. What a great story! We need more of those. I’ve never understood why people can’t properly feed their animals. There was a “rescue” (I use the word “rescue” lightly) in Grove City, Ohio, and the Director would group feed the horses out in the pasture during the winter months. Of course, some of the horses were in decent weight and some were extremely thin. The faster eaters would push the slower ones away from their food. I am always amazed at the ignorance of some of those who profess to be knowledgeable.


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