Wild Horses. Skydog Sanctuary video.

Wild Mustangs reunite at Skydog Sanctuary

We are yearning to see something beautiful, moving and inspirational. How about you? Horses offer that, and much, much more. Sit back and relax for a few minutes and watch this.


DESCRIPTION: Wild horses Goliath and Red Lady reunite after being separated by a BLM roundup. After being apart for six months they see each other for the first time at Skydog Sanctuary and shortly afterwards have a final foal together.

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1 thought on “Wild Mustangs reunite at Skydog Sanctuary”

  1. These beautiful mustangs so caring for one another, living as they’re meant to live and then brutally captured causing them great distress, fear, injury and worse.
    Shame on the BLM for wrecking their lives.
    The story of Goliath and Red Lady gives hope – amazing work and dedication in getting these two back together. An incredible story.

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