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All of us at the Fund for Horses have the following “pets” or family members: horses, dogs, cats, rabbits and a few birds. They all poo. Horses poo enormously of course. But what about that dung?

9 Fascinating Facts About Horse Manure

Spruce Pets have an interesting article called 9 Fascinating Facts About Horse Manure. Here’s a teaser:

  1. Horses produce about eight piles of manure a day at about 50 lbs a day.
  2. Horse manure contains grass and grain fibers, minerals, shed cells, fats, water, and sand or grit, depending on the type of soil the hay or grass was growing in. About 3/4 of the total weight of manure is water.
  3. Horse manure is sometimes called horse buns, road apples, horse pucky, horse chips, horse hooey, and horse apples. 
  4. Horse manure should be aged about six months before using on gardens.
  5. Horse manure is unlikely to spread any disease to people, including bacterial problems with e-coli which is killed in sunlight. 
  6. Horse manure changes color and consistency depending on their diet.
  7. Horse manure is not as smelly as cat or dog feces. 
  8. Apparently dried horse manure makes good fuel. You probably may not want to roast marshmallows over it, but it has been used as heating fuel.
  9. Horse manure has also been used in brick making. It’s one of the components of adobe. 

Read detailed version of the above »

The horse owners among us knew only one on the above list. Can you guess which one? It was #6. All of us who live with cats were nodding our heads vigorously in agreement with #7.

Spruce Pets

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