Carved racehorses.

Canadian industry requests historical racing

HHR could provide much-needed financial relief

Our responses in italics.

THE BLOODHORSE (April 5, 2020) — Woodbine Entertainment, Ontario Racing, and Racetracks of Canada have approached the Federal Government requesting the legalization of Historical Horse Racing (HHR) which would provide much needed financial relief to the Canadian horse industry without requiring government funding.

TH: These people are smart, and know that gambling revenues will always be substantially greater than any government handout and much easier to obtain. Why is the racing industry, in N. America anyway, always looking for handouts or subsidizing in some way?

As a result of COVID-19, many sporting events including horse racing are no longer taking place across the country. This is a prudent move, designed to ensure the safety of both spectators and the people who work in these sectors.

TH: If you cannot get the gamblers to you, you must take the gambling to them.

This solution is unique because it provides an opportunity to offer a sustainable economic solution for an entire industry, without the need for any increase in public funding.

TH: Yes it does, but it is hardly unique.

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Nobody is fooled. Why not just admit was is going on without all the rhetoric. Answer this instead.

What does it say about an industry that constantly has to ask for help, having to resort to something like HHR to help keeping it from going under, or asking for yet another handout? Everywhere you look these days horse racing is having to be propped up. This was going on long before the current health crisis, so let’s not blame any of this on that?

Horse racing in N. America sounds like a dying industry to us. What about you?

In the meantime, all you people who gamble on live horse racing, and wring your hands and cry crocodile tears in public forums when a racehorse goes down dead in the dirt, or snaps a leg on the track and killed, save it. You paid for it.

Is it wrong or unfeeling to ask that in order to satisfy the gamblers and spare the horses, the industry does away with live horse racing altogether, and go strictly historic? Just say yes to HHR.

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Instant Racing, known generically as historical race wagering, is an electronic gambling system that allows players to bet on replays of horse races or dog races that have already been run.

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