Thoroughbred racehorse Nehro. By Rob Carr, Getty Images.

Racehorse reality: Video

Before you hit the play button be warned there is a lot of swearing, particularly the F bomb.

The content is shocking, then it is not. Hearing about it is one thing. Seeing it is quite another.

In the meantime, backstretch workers have been portrayed since the coronavirus crisis as a bunch of great guys hunkering down with their families at the track, taking care of the horses until better times, trapped heroes. And who’s to say there aren’t some good among them? But we imagine the good ones don’t last long.

This video is sure to open a lot more eyes than any words of ours, or anyone else’s for that matter. Try to watch it all the way through. We know. It’s hard going.

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What racing is like from the horses point of view. Don’t like it, don’t watch.

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Nehro finished 2nd to Animal Kingdom in the Kentucky Derby, 7 May 2011. Two years later, the 5-year-old horse fell ill the morning of May 4. According to the trainer, his condition “spiraled badly.” Nehro reportedly died of colic on his way to a clinic. Read more »

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Asmussen, the torture of racehorses and agonizing death of Nehro, Tuesday’s Horse, 22 March 2014.

Asmussen hires assistant trainer Blassi back, by Joe Drape, New York Times, 20 July 2014.

3 thoughts on “Racehorse reality: Video”

  1. I can’t even look at the opening shot. This one I’ll probably miss. Maybe. I hope. I have a suspicion that eff bombs are the least concern. Then, of course, I find the eff bomb a very useful word for an uneducated individual like myself.


    1. It is very hard to watch. There is rough handling of horses but what is shocking and informative is how they talk about the horses, the hateful names they call them. And racing apologists always talk about how the horses’ handlers “love them”. We found it disturbing to hear but not surprising at the end of the day when you think of them leaving a horse in his stall to die of colic. Horrific and criminal.


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