Civil War Horse Monument.

Memorial Day 2020

This Memorial Day we seem to be living in very different world than the one we have grown accustomed to. What is that old saying? “This too shall pass?” And no doubt it will, but it never seems that way when you are caught up in the middle of strange and frightening times.

Yet, imagine those caught up in a war, whether at home or abroad, not knowing the outcome, trying to survive, have some sort of normalcy in what appeared to be a world gone mad. Wondering if they would ever see loved ones again. Losing loved ones. Welcoming home the maimed.

We have always honored and remembered horses of war and their priceless contributions, especially on Memorial Day. We do so again. But first a short, sweet poem.

On This Memorial Day

© Emily Toma | Published: June 2014

Remember those who served before.
Remember those who are no more.
Remember those who serve today.
Remember them as we eat and play.
Remember our protectors —
who are not home today.
Remember them all on Memorial Day.

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Seeing the pitiful eyes of men foredone,
Or horses shot, too tired merely to stir,
Dying in shell-holes both, slain by the mud.

Horse pulling caisson of korean war soldier.
Horse pulling caisson of Korean war soldier.

Sgt Reckless

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