New Zealand's Winston Peters

Anger at Winston Peters’ $72.5 million bail out package leads to petition against Gov’t funding of racing industry

STUFF.CO.NZ | by Matt Kermeen (May 24, 2020) — As the racing industry continues to toast a mega-million dollar financial shot in the arm, New Zealand animal welfare groups are outraged, shocked and angry over the taxpayer-funded bailout.

So much so, the Coalition for The Protection of Racehorses has started a petition it plans to send to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in response to last week’s announcement that the Government was pledging a $72.5 million emergency support package for the struggling industry last week.

As strange as it sounds given New Zealand is facing so many post-Covid-19 issues, the racing support package — announced by Minister for Racing Winston Peters — has arguably been the most polarising item in the budget.

Those involved in racing and those against it have staunch views on either side of the fence and the gate of harmony is some way from swinging open freely. Keep reading »

Sign the “No Bail Out” Petition

Everyone is welcome to sign the Petition, although major impact will understandingly be made by citizens of New Zealand.

If you prefer not to sign, you can help by sharing the Petition on social media tagging #horseracing #newzealand to help The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses get their message out.

NOTE: As of this writing this support package is a “pledge” made in NZ’s current budget. Act today!

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