Baffert trained Ky Derby hopeful Nadal fractures leg at Santa Anita

Barely four months after his debut win, less than four weeks after his victory in the split Arkansas Derby, and less than four weeks before he was figured to be one of the favorites in the Belmont Stakes, Nadal suffered a condylar fracture during a four-furlong workout at Santa Anita, reports VSiN.

“He came back off in his left front knee,” George Bolton the horse’s owner told VSiN by phone from Jupiter, Fla. “I’m sending you a photo of his left front lateral condyle. It has a crack in it that goes from the joint all the way to almost break off the side of the bone about five inches above (the knee). It’s about an eight-inch line.”

The news of the injury was first reported by the BloodHorse after confirmation from co-owner George Bolton. “It requires two screws,” Bolton said of the colt’s injury.

Nadal's condylar fracture x-ray.
Nadal’s condylar fracture x-ray. Image provided to the media by George Bolton.

Veterinary surgeons inserted two screws to start the repair. The $700,000 Blame colt earned $1,053,000 in his four starts. His owner Bolton figures Nadal will earn a lot more in his career as a stallion than he would racing now the horse has been saved by the surgery.

This day could have been a freaking disaster,” Bolton said. “Instead, we have an outcome that has a lot of positives, because he got to show up for those four races. Thank God (trainer Bob) Baffert had him. No other trainer would have won on that schedule.”

No other trainer would have won on that schedule . . . . meaning he and Baffert put the horse in a precarious situation to begin with. Greed with a big helping of ego kills. It nearly killed Nadal.

In the Yahoo! News article on Nadal’s injury and treatment, dh commented:

Open quote

The colt should not be retired to stud. If his leg fractured, it means his bone structure is not good! There was a great show on KPS about horses and a British trainer is using a scientific exam and testing to find out which horses belong in the big leagues and which don’t. I personally (I’m and Arabian horse person) don’t believe horses should be raced or ridden till they are at least 3 years old. If you want to develope muscle driver the horse with no weight one the bones. Also, 100% exercise on a groomed track doesn’t allow the horse to control his limbs and footing well. Just my 2 cents!

Just below dh’s quote, Jack commented, “Poor Nadal, at least he got out of Baffert’s barn with his life!”

We agree Jack. Too bad for Nadal he is still in George Bolton’s life. How is this for a quote from him? “The only good news was that the horse didn’t give up his life. Thank God for that.”

What? Didn’t give up his life? Oh, like the horse made the choice to be inbred and overraced to the point where he sustained a career and potentially life ending injury. Shame on Nadal. How foolish. How ungrateful.

Let’s get real about this too while we are at it. You do not have to be a bloodstock expert to see whoever breeds their mares to Nadal (who will pass his genetic weaknesses on to his progeny whose sire Blame passed them on to him), are unscrupulous fools. So, what does that make Nadal’s owner and blockstock agent?


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4 thoughts on “Baffert trained Ky Derby hopeful Nadal fractures leg at Santa Anita”

  1. Multiple doping violations, a trail of dead racehorses, major involvement with one of the biggest scandals in horse racing history (Justify), actively participating in public fraud to the tune of millions, and an arrogant attitude to boot.
    That’s Teflon Bob.
    You can’t only blame him because this industry reveres him, supports and facilitates the ongoing doping abuse and killing of racehorses not unlike the other top trainers (Todd Pletcher, Steve Asmussen).
    Corruption at its finest, but in between this are their voiceless victims.
    The racehorses are non-consenting beings and this fact, in and of itself, disqualifies this carnage as a “sport.”
    The ring bit, pictured on Nadal above, is an abusive bit.
    It’s barbaric and it forces the racehorse to do whatever even if the racehorse is sore and uncomfortable.
    The tonque tie doubles down on this forced performance.
    Everything Baffert does, collectively, from the doping, to hard training, and to the equipment he deliberately uses is a recipe for disaster.
    He’s a “win at any cost to the racehorse” trainer and most top trainers make a living by employing daily abusive business practices on their racehorses.
    The owners are willing accomplices, such as Bolton, who view the racehorse as a money making machine and to boost their egos.
    Most all racehorses are dumped when they can no longer flip a buck while many high-priced racehorses, who have equine insurance policies in place, wind up dead and they cash-in anyways.
    Their secret vet and treatment records cover-up for this horrific animal abuse.
    A special thanks to Jane Allin for your excellent reporting and articles.
    The racehorses need our voices now more than ever and with every racetrack that shuts down I will rejoice.

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    1. Thank you Gina. It is indeed despicable.

      Gambling fuels it all yet gamblers wring their hands and cry big crocodile tears over at the Paulick Report when racehorses are maimed and killed. They are sickening. If they actually cared they could organize a one day boycott of all race gambling to get the message out… reform or die.

      Doesn’t matter now because horse racing is irreversibly broken and the American Thoroughbred thoroughly comprised.

      Oh. By the way Vivian Farrell wrote this post. We better fix that!


  2. Disgraceful bunch.

    I also cringed at this statement: “His owner Bolton figures Nadal will earn a lot more in his career as a stallion than he would racing now the horse has been saved by the surgery”.

    Exploitation and greed are the drivers in this so-called “sport”.

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    1. Thank you Jane.

      Look at the “equipment” in his mouth. And the effing tongue tie. It must be a huge struggle to breathe with all of that, meaning he is not getting enough oxygen in his bloodstream which causes all kinds of issues, even when horses are not running at full capacity.

      When people ask us why we “attack” racing all the time, they should quit asking and take a long, hard look. This is not an isolated case. There are 1000s of horses as you know who are not contending for the Ky Derby or other big races who are treated far worse than this.

      Nadal still has big money making potential for his owner and the only reason he was operated on —to save his life so he could stand at stud and churn out the millions. Otherwise Nadal would have been euthanized for the insurance money. His owner collects either way. Nice huh?

      It is evil. Beyond evil. Thank you again.

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