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Tuesday’s Horse

We hardly know what to say. What can be said?

We are all in new territory aren’t we? Global pandemic. Black Lives Matter. Why wouldn’t everybody’s attention be focused on these life altering events.

Unless we have news that we feel you need and want to know, which is becoming increasingly hard to gauge, we will be doing limited posting.

In the meantime, horse soring and racing, the perpetrators of relentless abuse and predictably immune to anything but their own cruel addictive practices, are gearing up as we speak to continue their horror shows in the face of everything going on around them.

Jane Allin also has an in-depth report in the making. We will keep you up to date on that.

Thank you for being part of our family, and caring about the health, safety and protection of horses with us.

Tuesday’s Horse and Fund for Horses Staff

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Horse”

  1. Hundreds and hundreds of thank yous to Tuesday’s Horse.
    Incredible work that you do with the information and facts.
    The horses say thank you for speaking up for them.

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  2. No matter the other world news, learning about our four-legged, fast-running, carrot-munching friends will always be interesting to so many of us! Thank you for all you do to promote their welfare!

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