Bucking bronco. Prescott Frontier Days, Prescott, Arizona. Image by Julie Jacobson (Associated Press).

Prescott rodeo going ahead despite record spike of COVID-19 cases in Arizona

Prescott Frontier Days in Arizona, billed as the “World’s Oldest Rodeo”, is going ahead June 29 — July 5, 2020 despite increased cases of COVID-19 across the US. A record spike has been reported in six states, including Arizona (see more below in Related Reading).

In the meantime, Cowboy Resource Network states:

“Tens of thousands come from the state, across the country and around the world to attend the festivities and experience the heart-stopping thrills of the eight Pro Rodeo performances. And we are beyond blessed that the PFR Committee has decided to move forward with this year’s event despite everything going on.” Among those thousands will be children.

“Gates open two hours prior to each performance and we encourage our guests to come early, shop, eat and enjoy!”

“The cowboys and the bulls can get ready,” said AZ Gov. Doug Ducey.

Julie Jacobson | Associated Press.
All images by Julie Jacobson. Associated Press.

Sound familiar?

“Big Lick” animal cruelty horse soring events are going forward with their scheduled shows putting horses and attendees at risk. Of course, the horses have no choice.

Cruelty and injury coupled with sickness and death . . . now that’s entertainment.

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