Compton Cowboys "Peace Ride" for Black Lives Matter. Image: LA Taco.

Compton Cowboys: The Book

We here at the Fund for Horses were happy and so proud to see all of the excellent horsemen (and women) riding their horses in the Black Lives Matter protests around the country. A hundred black horse riders showed up to support the Compton Cowboys ‘Peace Ride’ for Black Lives Matter earlier this month.

The Compton Cowboys are a group of friends from childhood who use horseback riding and equestrian culture to provide a positive influence on inner-city youth, and to combat negative stereotypes about African-Americans in the city of Compton, California. Their catchphrase is: Streets Raised Us. Horses Saved Us.

A book about the Compton Cowboys was published in April and we were excited about promoting it. But events overtook us. We are rectifying that now.

Buy this book

Support the Compton Cowboys and their mission plus get a terrific read when you buy this book from Amazon. We guarantee you will love it.

Written by Walter Thompson-Hernandez, the full title is The Compton Cowboys: The New Generation of Cowboys in America’s Urban Heartland.

Grab your copy at Hardback prices and audio CD are right at $20.00; the Kindle version at $15.00. If you no longer shop Amazon please grab a copy where you do like to shop. You will be glad you did!

In the meantime

Until your copy of the book arrives, check out this L.A. Taco article, ‘A Hundred Black Horse Riders Showed Up to Support the Compton Cowboys Peace Ride for Black Lives Matter’.

Source: L.A. Taco. Click image to visit article.

They have a stunning series of images from the ride (like the one above) and behind the scenes ‘back at the ranch.’

The article starts:

More than a thousand people showed up to support a procession and rally held at the Compton courthouse yesterday. The ‘Peace Ride’ was organized by the Compton Cowboys in support of George Floyd the Black Lives Matter movement. Over 100 Black horse riders showed up from all over Southern California to the protest.

» Read more »

Speaking of back at the ranch . . .

Source: L.A. Taco. Click image to visit article.

Thanks everyone. We appreciate you.


P.S. You can also grab the book at Target »

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