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National I Love Horses Day 2020

Today July 15th is National I Love Horses Day. Join us throughout social media celebrating our love for horses using #NationalILoveHorsesDay.

We would love to hear from you here why you love horses. What makes them so special? We know there’s loads of reasons.

Before you go, check out our Look of Love video from 2015, below. Following the video is a list of 15 things you may not know about horses. There’s some cool stuff there.

The Look of Love

By Vivian Farrell | Fund for Horses

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Horses

Here are 15 things about horses some of you may not have heard of yet. There are some on this list that none of us knew. The following compilation is by Metro.co.uk.

1. Big dribblers. A horse produces 10 gallons of saliva a day. That’s the equivalent of you dribbling 80 pints of beer down your chin on a Friday night.

2. Ear-ily muscular. Horses have 16 minuscule muscles in each ear and can rotate them 180 degrees.

3. Huge eyes. Horses have the biggest eyes out of all land mammals.

4. Equine hybrids and zebroids. You can get Zorses (zebra-horse hybrid), Mules (female horse-donkey hybrid), Hinnys (male horse-donkey hybrid) and probably the cutest of all, Zetlands (Zebra-Shetland hybrids).

5. Horses can run within hours after birth. Considering it takes humans from 9 to 18 months to learn how to take one step, the fact that horses are running a few hours after being born shows that they aint foal’in around.

6. Hoof-lepuff. It can be very annoying when you break a nail, but spare a thought for horses who have to wait 9-12 months for a whole hoof to grow fully back.

7. Heavy heart. The average weight of a horse’s heart is about 8 or 9 pounds.

8. Standing sleepers. The ability to sleep standing up is a trait we’d very much like to steal from horses on a Monday morning.

9. Sun burn. Horses with pink skin can get sunburn if they are exposed to rays for elongated periods of time.

10. Horse teeth. Our equine friends can’t help the fact they are toothy. An average horse’s teeth takes up more space than their brain.

11. In for the high jump. The highest horse jump on record is 8 feet and 1.25 inches. This was recorded in 1949 in Chile and the record-breaking horse was called Huaso ex Faithful.

12. Why the long face? Although ‘long faces’ are usually associated with a glum mood, horses are one of very few animals that can express their mood via facial expression.

13. Fur real? Horses create insulating pockets of air with different layers of fur in their coat to keep them warm in the winter.

14. Shaky skin. Horses are the only animal on the planet who can move their skin without moving their muscles underneath. That’s what the twitching is when they shake off the flies in the summer.

15. Racehorse names. You would think names like Black Caviar, Malt Queen and Candy Ride are just plucked out of thin air but no, there are strict rules in place for what you can and cannot call racehorses. Tradition also plays a huge factor.

Thank you

Thank you for defending horses with us, working hard to free them from abuse of every sort.


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3 thoughts on “National I Love Horses Day 2020”

  1. ..
    simply beautiful..
    ..touches me deeply..

    my (almost 12 year-old) granddaughter loves horses more than *air*..

    ..in my world horses are THE most exquisite creatures on this planet..
    ..in my world I LOVE HORSES DAY is every day..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you heartily for this wonderful way to begin my day! The video is superb. I watched through grateful tears as lifelong memories of my horses filled my mind. Such a privilege to have horses on this earth and even moreso having had them in my life. Just beautiful!

    Shared on Twitter through this site. I’ve moved to Twitter if anyone wants to follow me there.

    Liked by 3 people

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