Horse drawn carriage Charleston, SC viewed through wrought iron gate.

Charleston recommends change to ordinance following death of carriage horse

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) — The City of Charleston could be amending its ordinance on carriage tour horses to include new safety measures.

This comes after Sunday’s incident where a horse took off running attached to an empty carriage.

Ervin, a draft horse who had been with the Old South Carriage Company since 2018, sustained injuries on his legs and had to be euthanized.

Investigators with the city’s Department on Livability and Tourism determined that the actions of two employees who were detaching the horse’s tack from the carriage allowed the horse to break free.

“It was determined that the individual had removed the bridle. That is a measure to control the horse and should be one of the last things that should be taken off before the carriage is removed or after the carriage is removed and that wasn’t done,” Charleston Livability Director Dan Riccio said.

Although Riccio says the horse’s handlers didn’t violate the city’s criminal ordinance, he says they are recommending updating a city ordinance to add additional safety measures.

“We would draft an ordinance to suggest that companies would be required to use a ‘cross tie’ method which consists of two ropes that are fixed to both sides of the halter of the horse,” Riccio said. “If they forget something in the process, there’s a safety measure in place to prevent that horse from running away from them.” Read more »

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