Jim Crowley and Enbihaar leading the race at Goodwood ALAN CROWHURST/GETTY IMAGES.

BHA updates racehorse doping rules

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has confirmed a number of changes to its Equine Anti-Doping Rules this Wednesday, which will take effect from next month.

These changes follow a comprehensive review of the sport’s anti-doping Rules announced in 2018, following a number of Disciplinary Panel cases which called into question the assumptions that had been made regarding the Rules and how they should be applied.

It was also felt that a review of these Rules would lead to them being made simpler to understand and follow, whilst ensuring they still protect those who work in, follow or bet on British Racing sufficiently from the threat of doping.

The main changes to the Rules, which were last updated in 2015, relate to the circumstances in which the Responsible Person may be found in breach of the Rules but not be penalized when a case is heard in front of the independent Disciplinary Panel.

The new Rules do not require any changes to the processes or safeguards put in place by Trainers in their yards.

In summary the changes are:

  • If a horse tests positive for a prohibited substance, in order to avoid a penalty the responsible person must establish the precise source of the positive finding and that they had taken all reasonable precautions
  • Cautions are available for lower level breaches
  • Suspended sanctions are available for breaches

More information and the reasoning behind the changes can be read here. The new Rules and penalties can also be read in full by clicking “(Forthcoming)” on the BHA Rules website.

Featured Image: Jim Crowley and Enbihaar leading the race at Goodwood.

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