D.C. mounted police horses. Image: DCist.com.

D.C. Police disbanding Mounted Unit

Disbanding of horse mounted police units continues across the U.S. The horse mounted unit in the nation’s Capitol is the latest casualty.

WJLA reports:

The Horse Mounted Unit of the Metropolitan Police Department is being disbanded, D.C. police confirmed.

A spokesperson for the department said the changes are a result of recent budget cuts by D.C. City Council.

The D.C. Horse Mounted Unit had four horses and four officers

A petition on Change.org that aims to support the MPD Horse Unit is seeking 1,500 signatures.

According to the petition, the MPD Horse Unit was established in 2002 and has been a huge success with the citizens of Washington, D.C. The horse unit reportedly costs $70,000 a year to run.

This amount is an immeasurable amount to pay compared to all of the good will that we’ve displayed as part of the community events, block parties, parades, crowd control, high-visibility details, inauguration, family days, graduation ceremonies, funerals, and traffic control. The list is endless—not to mention, the bond the members have established with their horses. It pains us to see our unit disbanded over false narratives.

Please read the Change.org Petition and sign if you agree that these horses should be kept on.


We suggest units finding themselves under similar threat to put the following Fund for Horses idea to work for them — obtain sponsorship from corporate America or local businesses. Horses always, always make excellent ambassadors.

Imagine someone like Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks sponsoring mounted police horse units. We further suggest that they seek permission for mounted police horses to have their sponsor’s logo on the saddle cloths.

Featured image: D.C. mounted police horses. By DCist.com.

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