An example of raw, sliced horse meat, served in Japan called Basashi.

Slaughterbound horse dies on Korean Air flight from Winnipeg to Japan


On May 10, 2020 another 114 horses were shipped by air from Canada to Japan for slaughter for human consumption.

Through Access to Information (ATI), the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) has recently received Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reports as well as correspondence regarding this flight and the condition of the horses. These documents reveal one horse died.

Upon their arrival in Japan, five horses were not standing in crates and one was dead. Four others “did not show physical strength although they stood up for unloading”.

Back in April 2020 blood samples were collected from 141 horses of which these 114 horses were a part. The blood was taken to determine eligibility for export to Japan in order to meet the Veterinary Health Certificate for Export of Horses to Japan (VHC) requirements. The blood draw was accomplished by restraining the horses in a tilting hydraulic chute system. One gelding went down in the chute post testing. Read more of this report »

Featured image: An example of raw, sliced horse meat, served in Japan called Basashi.

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7 thoughts on “Slaughterbound horse dies on Korean Air flight from Winnipeg to Japan”

  1. Live transport for meat should be forbidden! It’s cruel! Ban the transport and export of all equine for human consumption. Thousands of sheep died on route from Australia to Europe last month. This has GOT to stop!

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  2. The previous comments say it all!! wicked, cruel,- it would be bad enough if they were humanely euthanized in canada- notice i said humanely- then the meat shipped to asia- that is bad enough-but to ship in crates live animals- i hope all involved- die a horrible disease. but the fact is they will just get richer.How very sad!! shame on canada for allowing this!!

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  3. These breeders of horses are just as responsible for this as the owners& trainers,They breed& breed& breed,they know damn well what will happen to these horses,they don’t care,get after the breeders too,less horses to be born into this horrible sport,the less death I think.Until the public sees whats being done to horses nothing will change,these parasites get rich while the animals suffer.They breed mares until they are too old to ever enjoy a life,too many of these people get off light.Horseracing,breeding has to end.


  4. Japan demands, Canada supplies.
    How utterly inexcusable.
    These poor horses suffer enough in the transportation and then they are subjected to unspeakable deaths in the slaughterhouse in Japan.
    This particular incident evidences the abhorrent cruelty inflicted upon these innocent young horses so people in Japan can then EAT them.


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